The history of MOAVE – Moagem de Cabo Verde, Ltd. – has its origin in hard times. It is an over 40 years old history that can serve, even nowadays, as a model of how it is possible to seize an opportunity in the time of hardship.

MOAVE – Moagem de Cabo Verde, Ltd. – was established by a public deed of company incorporation on the 17th of July 1972, in the legal form of a limited liability company. The initial share capital was 10 million of Cape Verdean escudos. Led by José Ernesto Brigham da Silva, the project chief mentor, MOAVE, on the date of its foundation, had eighteen stakeholders.

The construction of the plant started in January 1974 and the factory began to operate on the 20th of September 1975.

Since 1975 until 2002, MOAVE’s activities were limited to the production and marketing of wheat flour and its by-products, operating in the country on a monopoly basis. This was a period of MOAVE’s great expansion due to the State support. MOAVE played a fundamental role in the matter of the country’s food security and this fact justifies, to a large extend, the State shareholding between the years 1978 and 1998.

During that period, MOAVE had accumulated sufficient reserves as to allow, since 1999, to augment successively its equity, to restructure its production plant through modernization and expansion of its capacity and to adopt a strategy of diversification of Company’s activities.

Following the strategy mentioned above and anticipating the liberalization of the market, MOAVE decided to acquire shares of other companies and, at the same time, it took advantage of EMPA’s close-down (Empresa Pública de Abastecimento) in order to diversify its business and to invest in import and marketing of other staple foods such as maize, rice and sugar.

Since then up to now, MOAVE has been experiencing a new success phase, asserting itself more and more as one of the country’s major companies in industrial and commercial sector of food products.

Nonetheless, there are various challenges which require a constant search for new solutions and alternatives in order to guarantee this story to continue and to be told for many years.