About us

MOAVE – Moagem de Cabo Verde, Ltd. – is a company with 100% Cape Verdean capital, which carries out industrial and commercial activities in the food sector.

Since 1975 MOAVE has been operating in its core business – i.e. the wheat industry – producing and supplying for the entire Cape Verdean market different kinds of flour, ferments, improvement agents and other additives for bakery and pastry. Moreover, MOAVE offers several by-products essential for animal feed production.

Apart from industrial activities, MOAVE is engaged in the sale of several kinds of rice, sugar, maize, beans, cooking oils, olive oils, milk and other basic food products.

MOAVE’s experience, know-how, the quality of its products, the focus on customers and the respect it shows toward stakeholders are among the factors which are the necessary requirements to consider MOAVE as one of the major national companies in the sector of foodstuff production and marketing.